Sunday, November 27, 2011


Here's my last guest vlog for YARebels, talking about the things that I'm thankful for :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Here I am, bumming around for a second week at the YARebels talking about my vices!

Secret: I spent pretty much the whole of Sunday filming/editing this because I kept having to refilm and re-edit. But because I am so very devoted to being a proper (or semi-proper) Rebel of the Month, I tried my best.


As of late, I've just been using my blog to mirror my youtube uploads and provide some extra commentary on the videos I've been making. Things that I feel nobody will want to read in the down bar, but because I talk a lot, need to go somewhere or my brain will explode with thoughts.

But I'm going to try doing other things with this blog like... blogging, maybe. And book reviews. And other fun things.

And lastely, a bit HELLO to my new followers! You're beautiful. All of you. Really.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaNoWHYMo & the YARebels

It was two weeks ago I was looking at the date of the last video I'd uploaded and realized... oh. It's been a month ...and then I proceeded not to update, like the lame face I am. But I have PLANS now, youtube - and I will be updating more regularly. Probably.

Also. I have cloned myself.

I'd tried out for the YARebels over the summer when they opened up auditions. I didn't make it, but Gretchen (Monday on the channel) emailed me the day after asking if I'd be willing to substitute for her a day or two in October/November when she was busy. But when November rolled around, and Leah went into Busyland / NovelWritingLand / IHaveToDoMyJobToGetPaidLand they asked me to step in for the whole of November as Rebel of the Month. Which. Is undoubtably cool.

So yes. My clone will be making an appearance every Sunday during November on the collab channel the YARebels. Here's the first of its appearances! Better be quick to watch it, before it disappears into the wild again...

And, apparently, the plague of awkward thumbnails follows me no matter where I post. Sigh.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Origin of Place

I dub this the unintentional video.

Friday night, my brain was about explode while I was furiously studying for an exam, so I decided to take a break and play with my new editing program. Which is why, if you are that attentive, you might've noticed that this video has a lot of footage that I already used in my Goodbye video (or that the footage just seemed completely random or boring, lol.) I originally made this video just to have fun poking around the cropping and positioning.

But as I synched it to music and watched the clips play out, I realized that there was a story there too. And unconciously, my mind started to form words around this story. So eventually, this video just spiraled into its own creation without me realizing it. It was kind of weird for me, since it's usually the other way around: I script first, and then I film. So this was an interesting and new experience for me.

Though I think some of the inspiration definitely came from marionhoney, owlssayhooot, and Hank Green from those videos of theirs, respectively.

I was a bit hesitant to post this video up, since it's so abstract and could be potentially boring to someone disinterested in philosophy (does this video count as philosophy? Perhaps I shouldn't get ahead of myself) or have short attention spans. But I thought I might just upload it anyway. And if you enjoyed it, I tip my hat to you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost Perfect - Brian Katcher

Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher is a terrifying and amazing book. I gush about this book not because it is one of my favorites, but because it is so well-written and so sharp. Hits the nail right on the head, and then some.

I've read a lot of books that handle tough issues. But I always feel like those are elements of character to make it interesting (whether it be anorexia, cutting, etc.) But the question of sexuality in Almost Perfect is ingrained into the storyline. It is torn apart and reassembled and dissected and molded into the story. Katcher sucessfully divulges the black and the white. He makes us feel GUILTY - which, good writing can do.

Even though it's been a few months since I've read this book, sometimes I go back and think about what had happened and how I wish it could've gone differently. It's a very haunting and eerie book, that latches onto your mind and makes you think and think and think about it.

But, as I said - it is a bit of one of those in-between topics that some people may feel uncomfortable with, which is fine. But if you'd like a challenge yourself, or are genuinely just interested, this is an excellent book with an excellent story.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Whenever I start talking about college, people tell me I’ll be fine and that’s when I stop listening. And it’s not that I don’t believe them – but if a vicious man-eating bunny were to bite off your leg, it won't hurt once you bleed to death so don't worry.

I don’t mean to be overdramatic about it, and I don’t meant to spoil the fun for people who are actually looking forward to college. But I am sentimental at heart, and I’ve already started to miss home.

My mom tells me to be brave, because people aren’t made to be fearless. And not to get overwhelmed, even though she knows I will be. And we don’t say it, but we know it’s a goodbye.

It’s strange to leave behind a place you’ve lived in for 18 years. Especially when this is the place filled with the people and things that have made me me.And I can only bring so many of my memories with me. I have to leave a part of me behind, so that something new can grow in its place. I have to tremble when I walk, so I can learn how to run.

But for now, I’m glad to spend one last glorious day hanging out with my friends.

I'm going to miss home. I'm going to miss the convenience of familiarity. But I have to say goodbye.

Goodbye. Such a beautiful and sad word. It’s like tying a ribbon on a box full of old letters. Or closing the last page of a good book. Or putting away a well-worn pair of shoes.

But I'm kind of glad for it. Because it means I have something to be sad about.