Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Here I am, bumming around for a second week at the YARebels talking about my vices!

Secret: I spent pretty much the whole of Sunday filming/editing this because I kept having to refilm and re-edit. But because I am so very devoted to being a proper (or semi-proper) Rebel of the Month, I tried my best.


As of late, I've just been using my blog to mirror my youtube uploads and provide some extra commentary on the videos I've been making. Things that I feel nobody will want to read in the down bar, but because I talk a lot, need to go somewhere or my brain will explode with thoughts.

But I'm going to try doing other things with this blog like... blogging, maybe. And book reviews. And other fun things.

And lastely, a bit HELLO to my new followers! You're beautiful. All of you. Really.

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