Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaNoWHYMo & the YARebels

It was two weeks ago I was looking at the date of the last video I'd uploaded and realized... oh. It's been a month ...and then I proceeded not to update, like the lame face I am. But I have PLANS now, youtube - and I will be updating more regularly. Probably.

Also. I have cloned myself.

I'd tried out for the YARebels over the summer when they opened up auditions. I didn't make it, but Gretchen (Monday on the channel) emailed me the day after asking if I'd be willing to substitute for her a day or two in October/November when she was busy. But when November rolled around, and Leah went into Busyland / NovelWritingLand / IHaveToDoMyJobToGetPaidLand they asked me to step in for the whole of November as Rebel of the Month. Which. Is undoubtably cool.

So yes. My clone will be making an appearance every Sunday during November on the collab channel the YARebels. Here's the first of its appearances! Better be quick to watch it, before it disappears into the wild again...

And, apparently, the plague of awkward thumbnails follows me no matter where I post. Sigh.

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